Jess Edmiston

Marketing Director


How did your career in health and fitness begin?  

After being a member for many years, the opportunity to work for Courthouse kind of fell into my lap.

What is your favorite way to exercise?

I love to run in downtown Salem with my running partner Kristi and our two dogs. I have a yellow lab named Tucker and Kristi has a Visla named Enzo.

Do you prefer waking up early or staying up late?

Waking up early! But my husband is a night owl so I’ve learned to love falling asleep on the couch at night.  : )

What was the last book you read?

The Running Dream by Wendelin Van Draanen.

If you didn’t have to sleep, what would you do with the extra time?

I’d spend more time with my family, finish the quilt I started five years ago, and read more . . . truthfully though, I’d probably just do laundry.

What are you currently watching on Netflix?

I fall asleep the second the tv goes on, so my family doesn’t let me use the remote! My kids are currently watching Home Improvement and my husband is watching Jack Ryan. I am definitely excited for another season of The Crown though.

What is your favorite way to spend your weekends?

I love weekends that are a good balance of work and play. Watching my kids play sports, a run with my dog, church, a clean house, and some quality time with my friends and family are at the top of my list.

Where is the next place you’d like to travel to and why?

My husband and I are planning a cruise to the Caribbean this winter. It’s warm and something we’ve never done before. We’ll see how it goes!

Do you have a favorite inspirational quote?

I would like to say that I have a truly inspirational life quote, but the reality is that the following two things come out of my mouth most often:

“Toughen Up Buttercup”

“Be Better” - This one is a family joke. : )

What is your favorite part of your job?

I enjoy all the different people and personalities I get to work with. It’s fun to collaborate and see a project come together.

Do you have any advice for anyone starting a new health routine?

Find someone to be accountable to. It’s much harder to skip a workout when you’ve got someone that is counting on you to follow through.