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Cold Brew Protein Shake

Cold Brew Protein Shake

You’ve Been Drinking Your Pre-Workout Coffee All Wrong!

PB&J, Mac and Cheese, Bill and Ted; Combining things is great, which is why I had a natural inclination to combine my favorite drink, coffee, with my morning exercise routine. I know I’m not the first to think of Coffee + Protein shakes as obvious friends, but here are a few ways to make the combination even better.

Mornings are made better by good coffee. Cold brew is perfect for those of us who need an easy and better way to consume quality caffeine.

Why Cold Brew?

Cold brew is easy to prepare the day prior, it’s less acidic than regular hot coffee, it has a smoother taste, more caffeine, and it also tastes better when cold, which is why I use it in protein shakes.

Follow my easy recipe below to give this delicious caffeinated combo a try.

  1. Pour ground beans in a container, with the same proportions as an automatic coffee machine (¼ cup to every 16 ounces of water, roughly). If you’re like me you prefer stronger coffee, so I like to use ½ cup of beans to every 24 ounces.

  2. Fill the container with water to create the correct ratio of beans to water. Make sure all the beans are saturated but don’t shake the container, and store in your refrigerator.

  3. Wait 12-24 hours, then separate the beans and water with either an ultra-fine mesh colander, paper towels, coffee filter, or cheesecloth… get creative.

That’s it! Cold brew lasts for weeks in cold storage and requires no wait or timer.


There is no secret formula for Protein powder v. coffee. Add as little or as much as you want. I recommend chocolate protein because it pairs well with coffee, but be adventurous and try different flavors.

Recovering After Your Workout

Recovering After Your Workout