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Yin & Restorative Yoga Series

Yin & Restorative Yoga Series

Attention Yoga lovers! Starting on Tuesday, August 6th at our West Salem Club, we’re hosting a Yin/Restorative Yoga series from 6 to 7:30 pm lead by our very own Annie Solonika! Annie is here on the blog today to share with us what this series is all about and what you can expect when you join Annie on the mat. 

How is this series going to be different from our typical yoga classes?

This Yin/Restorative series will have no downward dogs! ;) Most of the poses will be done on the floor, using props (bolsters, blankets, blocks and straps) in order to best support our bodies in stretches that will be held for anywhere between 1-5 minutes.  It’s also a 90 minute class instead of 60, which may sound long but will feel amazing. 

What are the benefits of yin/restorative yoga?

There are several benefits of Yin and Restorative yoga. It can improve joint mobility, increase circulation, calms and balances the mind as well as the body, releases fascia, and can help reduce stress and anxiety.  

What can members expect while on the mat?

Members can expect to be supported by both myself and the props used in mind and body. I will help everyone get into each shape with the support they need, guide them through breathing techniques, and offer some gentle assisted fascial-stretching or adjustments to those who’d like them.  

Is this series good for beginners?

YES! All walks are welcome. I strive to make my classes inviting, comfortable and easy to follow. Not too serious, and with good intentions. 

Will more advanced yogis benefit from this series?

Yes again! People who have been practicing for a while know the feeling after getting done with a good Yin or Restorative class. That’s what I strive for and hope to offer.  

If I’m injured can I still participate?

I want to say yes, but there are so many different kinds of injuries. Always get cleared by your doctor if it’s a serious or recent injury, if it’s an older pain I’m sure this will help. I will show many suggestions for each shape and cater to those who may need something slightly different.  

What led you to this type of practice? 

When I first started practicing yoga I only wanted Vinyasa or Power, or something that made me feel like I was working hard and challenging myself physically.  I’ve always been an active person and craved that movement, balance, and stretch that many yoga classes gave me.

It wasn’t until later that I started really appreciating Yin and Restorative classes.  It was a whole new world that opened up. Challenging in new ways, hard for my busy mind to come back to my breath over and over, practicing presence and actually feeling each shape to its entirety.  I fell in love with the calm, and the peace and healing this sort of a practice can do for you. 

Can you take us through your personal yoga journey?

My very first yoga class was at Chemeketa Community College. I liked it, but didn’t totally love it. Maybe a year later I started teaching Group Centergy for the Courthouse and that was my window into Yoga. I went through a YogaFit weekend training and it was there that I thought hey, this is kind of cool.

I started taking more and more classes from different studios and teachers and eventually in early 2013 found Sarah Trelease and went through her 200hr Yoga Teacher training. AMAZING. I was living up in Portland at the time and taught at several different studios after my certification. I also found Renee Sills and attended her Anatomy in Motion training and became certified in Fascial Stretch Therapy. All things that add to my yoga practice and understanding how my body moves and feels.  

What daily benefits do you think you’ve gained by practicing yoga regularly?

A clearer mind, letting the small things go, stronger body, more flexible and comfortable in my own skin, better focus and less anxiety and stress.  Or maybe it’s helped me handle my anxiety and stress? Those things I think don’t totally go away, but yoga has helped me continue to figure myself out in both my body and my mind.

Can’t wait to see you in class on Tuesday nights! There will be another series in September and October if you’re missing this first one!


Remember, this is a paid series that offers extra time, equipment, and instructor help than our regular yoga classes! Please register and submit payment at before your first class!

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