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Whole Health with Dr. Braman

Whole Health with Dr. Braman

Are you tired of waiting several weeks to see your primary doctor or spending too much out-of-pocket for your medical needs? We’ve got great news: Located in our very own Battle Creek club is Dr. Marc Braman, MD: Preventative Medicine Specialist of Northwest Lifestyle Medicine, who wants to change the way doctors and patients come together through his new health membership opportunity, Whole Health.

Today he’s sharing with us what Whole Health is all about and how it can benefit YOU. 

What exactly is Whole Health? 

Whole Health is an affordable health care membership that puts your individual health needs first. We want to examine all areas of your life to determine the best course of treatment without jumping first to medications or invasive surgeries. The key is to start by treating one of the main causes of disease: aka, our lifestyles. 

Yes, we treat disease. But the real issues are your health and quality of life. We get it. We’ll work together to figure out what things aren't working well for you, while also striving to manage your "health" so you get the most out of life. You need both your physical health and your  health care to work together so you can get on with real, healthy living. We're on it.

What comes with a Whole Health Membership? 

Everything you’ve ever wanted from your typical providers, and maybe a little more. Seriously. Whole Health prioritizes you, and your specific needs, plus plans for the extra ups and downs that life can throw our way. Primary care? You bet. Urgent Care? Absolutely. Integrative Medicine? You’ve come to the right place. World class advice? We are current leaders in the field of Lifestyle Medicine -- you’re in good hands here. 

So this is Health Insurance? 

Not quite. But it’s also much more. Whole Health offers easy to schedule same-day or next-day appointments. Have an urgent issue in the evening? We can often take care of it with a call, text, or video visit. Whole Health provides 80-90% of what really matters for most people for 80-90% of life, and at a crazy good price. The built in prevention can save a ton of money short term and long term.

Will my current insurance cover Whole Health? 

Not for our primary services. You can use it for labs, x-rays, MRIs, etc if you wish to. But through Whole Health, our wholesale prices on these will be far lower than what you would otherwise pay. You will have to consider your remaining deductible for the year and what it is likely to mean in terms of coverage. Many people's deductibles are so high that they end up paying thousands of dollars at ridiculous retail prices and never meet their deductible, and get very little for the cost.

Am I locked into a contract?

Nope. We wouldn't want that, so we don't do that. We do our best to keep things easy while not getting taken advantage of by those rare people who will try to jip you. The monthly direct payment model works because people can plan a regular monthly amount without all the ups and downs of their health care needs, and the practice can focus on being there to take care of members without spending a lot of time and money chasing the money.

Tell me more about these monthly prices? 

When we say affordable, we mean it. Here’s the breakdown of our current pricing structure. 

  • Adults 18-65: $99/mo. 

  • Adult Couple 18-65: $179/mo. 

  • Full-Time Students 15-25: $39/mo with adult. 

Who is Whole Health Not For? 

Patients who just want ever increasing numbers of pills and procedures and are not willing to consider addressing lifestyle causes of disease (food, smoking, stress, etc) will be better served by more typical pill and procedure based healthcare. We love you. We want the best for you.  We're just not a good fit for you. Let us know when you are ready to address your lifestyle habits first. 

I’m ready for my health and fitness to come together. What’s next? 

The first step will be to set up your first appointment! As a new patient with Whole Health, we are going to dive into all areas of your personal wellness, including your current fitness routine. To get you started on the right foot, we’ll give you a free Kickstart program through the Courthouse that covers four weeks of training sessions. 

To learn more about Dr. Braman and Whole Health, take a look at these sites to see if this great membership opportunity is right for you: Whole.Health,, and

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