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Staff Spotlight: Greg Towers

Staff Spotlight: Greg Towers

Meet Greg Towers, one of our trainers from our South River Road club. Here at Courthouse, one of our main goals is to help our members find success and joy along the path to a healthier version of themselves. Along those same lines, we want our staff to be able to relate and connect to what our clients go through on a daily basis. Here’s a bit of Greg’s story he wanted to share with all of you!

When did your personal journey with fitness and weight loss begin?

My journey with fitness began 6 years ago. Being close to 300 pounds, I was unhappy with the way that I looked and felt which lead me take the steps to start the process of change.

What sort of help did you look for along the way?

Along the way I had a coach that helped keep me accountable. I also had a friendly weight loss competition with my brother, and in a way that helped keep me on track. Having a structured plan in place was very helpful.

How long did it take for you to start seeing results you were happy with?

I started seeing results within a couple weeks. For me, the weight on the scale started dropping and I started losing inches. Knowing I was doing my best and putting in the work made me happy with my results.

What obstacles have you had to overcome?

Emotional eating is a large obstacle that I have had to learn and am learning to work through. Now, what I like to ask myself before I eat is “Why am I eating this?” If the answer is boredom, frustration, loneliness, etc., then it’s probably best not to eat it. Binge eating on the weekends was another struggle I went through. I would do great on the weekdays but when the weekends came I would eat very large amounts of food. To help combat that I was less restrictive during the week which lead to less of an urge to overeat when the weekend came.

Almost everyone plateaus at some point, and for me it happened about every 10 pounds I would lose. Trusting the process and focusing on other wins like losing inches, getting stronger and seeing more muscle definition helped me overcome that. Creating a healthy relationship with food was another struggle I ran into, I would view food as “good or bad” which lead to guilt when I would eat things off my plan. Understanding what macro-nutrients are and that I could fit in treats here and there while still making progress helped with that!

Who, or what, has been a source of inspiration for you?

I’ve been inspired by people on Instagram, YouTube, etc. It’s great to look at these people for a quick burst of motivation, but also to remember not to compare yourself to them. If you look at your fitness journey like a book, if you are writing page number one you should not compare yourself to those individuals on page one hundred.

What do you do on days when there is little or no motivation to eat well and get to the gym?

On days when I have little motivation to workout, I try to reflect on my goals and ask myself how I will feel after my session. Most, if not all of the times the answer is I will be happy I went! When I don’t want to eat well, knowing I will feel accomplished if I stick to the plan is helpful for me.

How did your personal progress lead you to becoming a Personal Trainer?

I wanted to become a personal trainer because I feel I can relate to a lot of people with similar goals that I had. I’ve been in the shoes of a new person in the gym and someone who wants to lose fat and build muscle but isn’t sure of the way to achieve that, and the opportunity to be the person who helps them brings me joy.

What is the main piece of advice you’d give to someone wanting to change their lifestyle?

Just understand that it’s a lifestyle not a “30 day booty building, fat blasting, core sculpting” challenge. Create healthy eating habits. Find a form of exercise you enjoy and that you can see yourself doing for years to come. Appreciate the little wins along with the big ones!

What do you focus on now continue to reach your health and fitness goals?

I focus on enjoying the process.

Where do you want to see yourself a year from now?

A year from now I see myself still helping members at Courthouse reach their goals, whatever they may be! As for my goals, I want to put on a few more pounds of muscle and get a little bit leaner!

Any else you want to add?

Set a goal, get a plan, stay consistent, put in the work and you will see results!

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"I believe in finding a way to exercise that you enjoy and can adhere too for life! I wanted to become a personal trainer because my life changed both mentally and physically once I starting exercising and creating healthy eating habits. Being a trainer at Courthouse provides the opportunity for me to help others reach their goals and that’s one of the reasons I love it!" -Greg Towers.

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